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Fieldhouse (Metcon)

Our flagship High-Intensity GPP (general physical preparedness) program designed on a 60 minute timeline. The most refined GPP program out there. Train to be ready for anything!


Faster Stronger Project (Strength & Conditioning)

FSP was born out of the desire to look good, feel good, and decrease burnout. In FSP, we trade out some INTENSITY for a little more BURN and AESTHETICS. It doesn't always have to be 21-15-9 to get an unreal workout. FSP will deliver a great workout every single time. This is FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH + BODYBUILDING the FSP WAY!



Nutritional Therapy specifically designed to meet your individual challenges and goals.


ATR (Athletic Training Room)

Athletic trainers available to provide evaluation and treatment for injuries and mobility challenges.


Personal Training

Tailored one-on-one training.


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When I first met my gym, I had no idea it would be so important to me. I LOVE EG Fieldhouse, Thorture, and Faster Stronger Project.

Yajahira B Moreira